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Fever Beach

On 4 August 1852, the double-deck semi-clipper Ticonderoga sailed from Liverpool to Port Phillip with 795 hopeful migrants and 57 crew. When she finally arrived in Hobson's Bay at Williamstown, after 90 days on the high seas and 48 days at the Heads and in quarantine, 168 passengers and a number of crew were dead.

Although illness and death amongst passengers of migrant ships were common, the magnitude of this tragedy finally stung the authorities into action - the building of a proper quarantine station at Point Nepean was at last set in motion, and reviews were initiated into the transport of migrants on overcrowded ships with inadequate facilities.

Presenting a number of previously unpublished observations, 'Fever Beach' is a thoroughly researched yet highly readable account that makes a valuable addition to the body of knowledge about this ship, the people involved with it, and the events surrounding it.

'Fever Beach' was accepted as a nomination for the
Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Book Prize 2003
A second edition was published in May 2005, with typographical corrections, amendments to the passenger lists,
and photographs of the November 2002 commemorative event.
Chapter 1: Emigrate or Perish
Chapter 2: The Birkenhead Depot
Chapter 3: The Ticonderoga
Chapter 4: Farewell Forever
Chapter 5: The Voyage
Chapter 6: On the Beach
Chapter 7: Journey's End
Chapter 8: The Devil's Ransom
Chapter 9: The Aftermath
- - - - -
Appendix 1: References
Appendix 2: Chronology
Appendix 3: Passenger Lists
QI Publishing Company, September 2002, May 2005 - Paperback A5, 158 pp, ISBN 0 9577601 2 4
$A21.95 (rrp) plus handling & postage

(Resellers: email info@qualityinsights.com.au for discount details)

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