The following errors and updates have been brought to our attention
since the preparation of the second edition of 'Fever Beach'.

Note that all these have been incorporated in the November 2017 reprint (glossy cover)

Page 43, Fourth line of main text: 

"south-east" should be "south-west"

Page 51,
Fifth line:

"thirty-one year old single woman" should read "thirty-one year old married woman"

Page 134

Second column - "BEGG" should be "BIGG"

Page 135

Second column - DOCHERTY: "David" should be "Daniel"

Page 140

Top of first column - the Smith family should read -

SMITHJohn, 31, Orkney, Presbyterian
Jean 31
John, 5
Margaret, 3, died at sea 24 Oct
Jane, 1, died in quarantine 6 Nov
James, 1, died at sea 19 Oct
Male infant born on board
Margaret, Jane and James were previously listed at the end of the book as being unidentified.

Page 140

Top of second column - "Thompson" should be "Thomson", "Elizabeth" should be "Elisabeth", and baby William who died at sea on 19 September, is incorrectly listed with the Thomsons on page 145.

Page 142

Top of first column - replace "There were other Frasers on board, but not from Ross. They may have been with an aunt or uncle from Ross." with "They travelled with their older sister and her husband, Jean and Roderick Ross. (see page 139)."

Page 143

Second column - MATHER: "Robina" should be "Dolina".

Page 147

Second column - "RIPPEN" should be "RIPPER".

Page 149

First column - MATHER: "Jean, 15" should be "Jean, 18".


Page 125, Note 27: Julie Ruzsicska's Website address has been changed. It is now

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